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I went to a networking group a while back, and met some great people. The format was very casual, it was in a home, and everyone laid out there literature on coffee tables, and we sat around and chatted, introduced ourselves, and had coffee while looking through various handouts and business cards on the table.

One particular business caught my eye – they had a business card, price list, post card, and brochure all laid out together on the table, and the company name was in a different font on every piece. There was no branding whatsoever, and when I asked the woman why she had done that, she responded “because I love fonts!”

Well, I’m thinking in my head … NO ONE loves fonts more than I do, but you NEVER play with your brand. Change your fonts on ads headlines, on ad-grabbers, wherever you like, but don’t play with your logo. There was nothing to remember her by, no “brand” that I could identify, or look for if vying for that particular service.

Don’t even change the colour of your logo. If your logo gets a “makeover”, that’s one thing, and once it updates, or revises it’s look, leave it alone. Aside from using it in reverse format where needed, or black and white for screen printing, your logo and colours should never be changed.